Spring is here, so what does it mean for our skin?

There is nothing is worse for the skin than a long, cold winter. The low humidity in conjunction with hot air and heat can leave your skin looking dull, dry, rough, and even wrinkled and older.  Spring is the perfect opportunity to rejuvenate your skin from head to toe by focusing on exfoliation and feeding your skin with essential vitamins and mineral to increase metabolism and oxygenation for healthy skin.

Having a quick skin analysis with the change of every season ensures we know for certain that our skincare is still a 100% match to our skin. From your cleanser to your moisturiser having the right skincare makes all the difference for healthy, glowing skin. As Ella Bache would say “because no two skins are alike”

It is also the perfect month to restore your skin, update your skincare and give your skin a bronzed glow. We can achieve this by focusing on the whole body with treatments like spray tans and pedicures, rather than just the face. A recent study highlighted that 90% of women said that they feel more confident and happy with their appearance when they have a golden brown tan.

So now that the warmer weather is upon us think about visiting us for all your essential spring preparation with things like a refresher facial, a complimentary skin analysis a deluxe spa pedicure and  a golden spray tan and you will be feeling ready to take on the season before you know it.  Our NEW exciting next-to-no-odor professional and homecare tans with less developing time mean you can apply and keep going with your day too, brilliant!


Fusun Batey


Ella Bache Hamilton at Portside